SPI Home Decor

SPI Home and SPI Gallery

Established in 1973, SPI has become one of the most exciting Home Décor, Garden and Gallery vendors in the industry. They enjoy the benefits of designing their own unique products and controlling the manufacturing process. With manufacturing plants in China and established partners throughout Asia, SPI has the advantage offering their customers innovative and provocative designs at affordable prices. Their diverse selection of products is valued by prominent interior designers and home décor specialists.

For over 40 years SPI Gallery artists have created some of the finest solid brass sculptures. Inspired by the beauty of the natural world from the plains to the vast Serengeti to the depths of the mighty Pacific Ocean and everywhere in between, their collection of brass wildlife and nautical creations is simply unmatched. Valued by art collectors and prominent interior designers throughout the world. SPI gallery creations are sure to impress even the most discriminating individuals. All pieces are designed by in their Northern California Studios. Each piece is meticulously hand sculptured and cast in their own foundry, creating a truly unique work of art to be treasured throughout the years.