Old Dragoons, Finest US Lost Wax Bronze Sculpture By Frederic Remington ~ Large

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Modeled in 1905, Old Dragoons is by far Remington’s most complex statuette. It depicts a dynamic stop-action group featuring four riders and five horses at full gallop. Two mounted soldiers of the US Regiment of Dragoons—cavalry that patrolled the Western territories during the mid-nineteenth century—are interlocked in hand-to-hand combat with two Native Americans. The lead horse is riderless, yet is equipped with a saddle of Plains Indian origin, adding ambiguity to the narrative. 24.5″H x 45″L

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Remington’s extremely ambitious group, copyrighted in 1905, includes five horses and four riders: two American cavalrymen and two Plains Indians. The soldiers, known as Dragoons, were trained from the 1830s on to combat the Plains Indians, considered among the most formidable mounted fighters of all time. Here the Dragoons have closed in on the fleeing Indians, and the four men are locked in hand-to-hand combat. While Remington depicted the historically correct military dress, rifles, and accoutrements of the Dragoons, his Indians are closer in type to the tribes he had known in the West in the 1880s and 1890s. As in many of his sculptures, the artist seemed to be challenging himself to have as few of the horses’ hooves touch the ground as possible; of twenty hooves, only seven do. Because of the intricacy of The Old Dragoons, only three casts were made during Remington’s lifetime. This statue is reproduced in solid bronze by the superior Lost Wax Casting Process, finished in a dark brown patina and then hand-rubbed to bring out detail and highlights. The incredible detail of each sculpture is a Remington hallmark.

Dimensions: 24.5″H x 45″L


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Dimensions 45 × 24.5 in

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